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If you could create your own manga?

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Posted 09 April 2010 - 12:54 PM

If you could create your own manga What would it be?

My one is basically love story drama and comedy

Its about this guy name keisei who lives alone but his parent live couple of street away he had big fight with his mother cause he found out his mother side is rich so rich she own 3 corporation company but she ran away from it found guy married but his father is kind of great dad. any ways it was he ready to start his new single live alone but one day his friend call him up and ask him to movie and told him to wait at shopping district. there he meet beautiful woman who graceful kind she trip and he caught her and thank her they spoke a bit while sitting near fountain and when two girls dressed up black suit then she left with them.

But then his friend called him over he ask that these this Old women wanted to talk to you he goes up to this woman and this woman she rich powerful she ask him so your keisei u look like my silly run away daughter of mine i want you to run our company but i want to groom you as a successor i already know u had big fight with your mum he disagree and walk away but stop and said grandma i accept.

he spent his day with his grandmother who open up a account put load of money inside when he went back to his apartment he find big van and people moving his stuff he yelled said what are u doing? this girl she appeared to be same ages as himself said so you are keisei standing near the truck wow i finally see my cousin who are u my name is sukura we are moving u to your own mansion which is been in idle cause it was your mother my aunty house.

That very night i was nervous being called master and being serve by butler and maids. Ii went to sleep and said once i go back to my school it be really something keisei grandmother came by woke up by a maid and said that his grandmother needed to talk to him when his grandmother said listen my silly daughter ran away from her duty as member of this household you have a fiance keiesei was like shocked but tomorrow u will meet her and judge for yourself if you want to be with her she left and thru out the night i said wow i got fiancee to on-top of all this is mind bogging.

Very next day i headed to school in this new class i had some friend i knew from back from middle school including best friend koichi but what he notice was teacher it was same women he help her saving her from falling and they spoke for 1 hour she notice he was there and smiled.

When classes ended he spoke to his teacher and ask why are u doing here she said i am your teacher then he was sitting with his friends and all he did was stare into space and wonder if she was rich or something why a teacher??

In this after noon he dressed up nice cloth and waited in room he had his back turn talking to the maid and when his grandmother said kieisei this is sandra he turn and and surprised it was his teacher women he meet other day.

this love story with some sad bits but good ending to it.
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Posted 09 April 2010 - 03:12 PM

Thumbs up to Iamdeath, I like the premise very much, it kinda reminds me of UnbalancexUnbalance mixed with Princess Diaries......not sure if there is an anime about a guy suddenly finding out he is super-rich.....wait, there is an anime thats very similar to this, its an old one but the plot device has been used quite a few times but I like the fact you mixed it with a male student and female teacher relationship being the centre of the story. rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif

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Posted 09 April 2010 - 04:26 PM

Doesnt sound bad Iamdeath if its made seriously, not like Princess Lover.

Mine would be playing in a school for magicusers where the mainguy transfers into because he was sent there from the magic-police because in the school some people are summoning demons who wreak havok in town.
Most surprising thing is that the mainguy is pretty strong and has a thing for women and doesnt really hesitate to go for them and have fun with them.

At first it circles aroung him and the problems in school, you know fighting with the deliquents, trying to lay the girls and opposing the student council president (who, too, is working for the police and herself pretty strong).

And his greatest secret, not even the police does know, is that a dragon is within him who helps him in the fights and other things with his experience. And his goal is to become a dragon himself. For that he has to find 15 shards in possession of demons.

He gets a lot of human & demon enemys, old rivals, and a lot of girls.

In the end it is a mix of harem, romance, drama and shounen with some twists and emotion. A bit humor is in there too, but it droesnt drift into some comedy show.

That is one of my ideas, but I have about 20 more ideas in my head who in my eyes are great if its done right.
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Posted 09 April 2010 - 05:15 PM

My manga would be about a guy who has an epiphany. Upon having this epiphany he is transported to an existential dimension where other existential beings called "the smiles" resides. They wield all sorts of powers but their realm consists of nothingness.

A 18 month timeskip and the guy will somehow make it back to earth with his new abilities to bend reality. At first, he will do pretty much whatever he likes. Turning himself into different gender, races, animals, superpowers etc and exploring his experiences.

All is great until he realises that his epiphamy created a chain reaction on earth and others have also been able to awaken with limited powers. They will seek him out for more power. A group of "acolytes" will also seek his power so they can bring "the smiles" into earth. O and the use of his power is slowly killing him as well.

O and at the start the protagonist will the biggest arsehole there ever was but will grow up during the events. Obviously, influenced by Gantz and other seinen mags. I envision it having gantz like humour and absurd adult situations.
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Posted 09 April 2010 - 11:45 PM

thank you JCDRANZER & Killer_Ossi

the only one bit i used kinda similar to princess lover is rich living in mansion but the fact is that grandparents are alive. So his parent are alive of course he has cousin 2 but i got alot sound bit like unbalance but the fact is different if you want to read more about this story i have more

Friend of mine said i had creative mind she ask me to do Gender bender story line and fact is another friend said its sound very good plot and twist etc.

This boy name ryo is your typical guy who has female face & slender body of female who excel at school by night he cross dresser his stage name is Snow. Beautiful singer in tokyo with no 1 hits until one day he secret found out when this new girl who walk in on him changing.

Who fell in love with ryo started hanging out with him and she was huge fan of snow she notice poster of snow she ask are u big fan of snow? he smiled and said yeah i am he turn and smile he asked for her to leave he wanted to get changed she notice contract of production company & songs lyrics and on bottom it created by snow. She thought hey snow is living here maybe it one family member she went up pick up her bag from his room and she heard snow voice she ran open ryo door her mouth drop when guy she in love with was putting on wig while in dressed up. she said ryo are you Snow he said yes i am in female voice while smiling

its love story about this boy who cross dresser & and is beautiful singer and is dating female class mate
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Posted 22 April 2010 - 12:30 AM

I think i make another one its forbidden love female teacher & male student

Its about this 15 yr old guy who suddenly meets this beautiful women on his way to visit his friend the eyes meet and spark flew when he just held her hands.

He was shocked to found out this Women was none other then his home room teacher all dressed up nicely because at school she unattractive she ties her hair up no make up and wears glasses. Student in class call her heartless women cause she strict but he knew when he spoke to her alone grab her hand his eye meet he had same feeling of love.

When he ask her dress up nicely you look hot she blushed next day she stun her students and make an entrance as a beautiful women.

This two fell in love but unknown to them that the love was going to cost them the life's & lead them into the graves.

They where mark for death By no less by her mother & his father which frankly had secrets of the own they where Assassin with territory when they found out about each other kids they put both bounty on them.

Cause if they had child together then they would caused conflict between both.

how that sound?
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Posted 22 June 2010 - 09:28 AM

i created new one

About 2 people who meet by fate let call it they never revealed the ages and spent the whole day together they fall in love but rude awakening when they find each other next morning in bed together. They said what they did was moment pure insanity when he return home next day his mother and father told him they going to move to Okinawa and you be transferring to the school it was 3 day holiday so he spent his time moving into his new home,

New day has come to a new school how ever He keep wondering about the women who he spent the night with But when the principal at first ask him wait outside the class room to be called in. When Principal walk into the class said you have new transfer student. He walk in to his shock the girl he spent the night with was none other then his home room teacher both of them where shocked but he sat down meet new friends. She threw note to meet him on the roof at lunch time he arrive and in wait for miss fuikowai she arrive he open his mouth said it nice to see your beautiful face again lillan or sorry should i call you fuikowai sensai!!!

She called him by his name tatsya sorry Mr aoi san they where in heated argument saying why did you not tell me your high school student he replied why did u not tell me your where ether we are both to blame here she walking back and forth speaking repeating she said i sleep with high school student oh no parents going to kill me tatsya said you me both when this get out its going to be war.

They agreed to keep it secret but soon 8 weeks past they where getting closer and closer they would sneak out to go on date but in Cosplay they falling more in love but she fell pregnant on that first night when she woke up with tatsya in bed with her. She said look tatsya i am going away for year i return ok never told him she was pregnant at all. she went to her older sister and her husband and children to help raise the baby not tell her parents.

Everyone started questioning what happen to Ms fuakawai sensai Year had past and party for tatsaya parent anniversary was going with out hitch. Because family really rich but point is they live in normal middle class suburb house. they where cutting the cake and women comes in she replied stop my name is Bella tatsaya is like middle child of 5 then women look so angry holding baby giving baby to the father. Saying you are heartless i cant believe you people tatsaya and the family thinking there dad had affair with her but no how could you leave out your only granddaughter out of such a celebration they where shocked you know that boy over there brown hair slick back shirt buttons open!! they looked at him It's his secret daughter.

They where all shocked and tatsya said no not mine wait stop and said i need to sit down they reply who is this baby mother?

My younger sister Lillan fukawaii he was shocked they said did anything happen between you and this baby mother? he replied no we only meet in hokikdo he place his hand over his mouth oh no. what the name of the baby sukura fukawaii aoi

if you want more i would reply again
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