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5 titles in the Current Season category

Accel World Infinite Burst last update: episode Movie, Friday Oct 28th 2016.
Accel World Infinite Burst episode Movie
Carnival Phantasm last update: episode Special Season, Monday Feb 4th 2013.
Carnival Phantasm episode Special SeasonCarnival Phantasm episode Fate Prototype OVACarnival Phantasm episode OVA 12
Fate/stay night 2014 last update: episode 12, Sunday Dec 28th 2014.
Fate/stay night 2014 episode 12Fate/stay night 2014 episode 11Fate/stay night 2014 episode 10
Kiss x Sis OVA last update: episode 10, Monday Oct 13th 2014.
Kiss x Sis OVA episode 10Kiss x Sis OVA episode 9Kiss x Sis OVA episode 8
The [email protected] Movie last update: episode 1, Sunday Nov 9th 2014.
The IDOLM@STER Movie episode 1