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Volks Dollfie Dream Rin Tohsaka Ver 1 - Fate/hollow ataraxia

Volks Dollfie Dream Rin Tohsaka Ver 1 - Fate/hollow ataraxia

The original Rin Dollfie Dream (v1), now super rare. Currently (Jan 2019) on eBay for a cool $2,239 and thats USED. Slightly different to the Version 2 ( Here ) Slight eye colour and face style differences, slight set differences (V2 has a scarf). Also the art work is different and says Fate/hollow ataraxia.I was finally able to get her in April 2018, sit down if you have a weak heart, for the price was an insane $1,054. The most expensive Rin, and most expensive anime item I have ever purchaised, and ever will, this was a one-off exception to my spending limit, never to be broken again. I did get a good price compared to the usual insane ones.She is of course beautiful, I now need to get a second set of her uniform (my Azone Rin has the first set).
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