anime dolls

  1. Maiku_Ando

    Maho Nishizumi Doll Project - Part 1 - Where to Start

    Being a doll collector and a huge fan of Maho Nishizumi from Girls Und Panzer I have been quite disappointed at the total lack of any Maho dolls from any of the doll companies, therefore this is the story of my project to make my own Maho Nishizumi doll in 1/3 size (approx 48-50cm). First lets...
  2. Maiku_Ando

    Assault Lily Series 008 Assault Lily 1/12 Scale Fashion Doll: Yui Matsunaga Version 1.5

    Assault Lily's early 4th series, the leader of the ashes, `Matsunaga Special Squadron` Captain [Matsunaga Yui] has renewed the head parts including facial expressions to new modeling [ver. Renewed as .1.5]! The catgirl-type head accessories that were well received in the first edition are still...
  3. Maiku_Ando

    Iris Collect Series Kina's Fantasy Romances Fallen Angel of the Deshar Family 1/3 Scale Fashion Doll: Milene

    "The [Kina's Fantasy Romanes] series, which is designed and supervised by popular illustrator Kazuharu Kina. The first is [Milene], a Gothic doll that has been handed down from ancient times to famous families. A long time ago, [Milene], who was taken over by the Deshar family, became like a...