Code Geass - Lelouch Of The Rebellion

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A Blogger's Summary/Commentary:

"This show takes place in a Japan that’s being occupied by a Britannia Empire, complete with mecha. Forgetting about the story, the biggest selling point of this show is probably that it’s a Sunrise series with original character designs by CLAMP. I expect there to be plenty of production money in this one. You can find the promo video on YouTube. Randomly, the mecha and the FLOW opening song remind me a little bit of Eureka 7."

Home Page:

Air Date: October 5, 2006 at 25:25 GMT+9:00

An Anime that I will keep my on Just because it is Sunrise and CLAMP combined. I'm expecting something really good out of this series. Two of the biggest anime production studios doing a joint project!

I have read the first chapter of the manga, and it's pretty interesting.

the plot is about Japan's been taken over by Britannia. The main character is the heir of the Britannia empire, and he hated his country for it's violence to the Japanese people. It is now a colony known as "Area 11". The emperor of the superpower sends his bloodline as proxy rulers of each "area" but the battle over this lineage will determine the fate of "Area 11". 7 years later, one day he witnessed an accident which fate will lead him to a mysterious girl. In the process the girl was killed by Britannian soldiers, the main character the "Black Prince", Lelouch Vi Britannia, who has rejected his given path, have awaken the power within him and he sworn destruction to the world. It will be his best friend the "White Knight", Kururugi Suzaku, who values justice, who's Japanese(but actually a Britannian) to oppose him..... Both are fighting to win the battle to free Japan, but they're also opposed in ideologies.

the OP is done by FLOW who did Eureka 7 first OP, that's enough for me to watch this show

the cast;
Iletta: Akeno Watanabe.
Shirley: Fumiko Orikasa (Yuzuki of Chobits).
Diethard: Jouji Nakata (Kusanagi of X - The Movie, King of Tsubasa Chronicle - The Movie).
Tamaki: Kazunari Tanaka.
Jeremiah: Ken Narita (Fuuma from X - The Movie).
Cecil: Kikuko Inoue (Chitose of Chobits *-*).
Ougi: Mitsuaki Madono (Sorata of X TV).
Clovis: Nobuo Tobita.
Lloyd: Tetsu Shiratori.
Todo: Yuuji Takada.

first preview

second preview
Oh wow... Clamp's work, combined with the features of mecha...

This would be interesting... i've never seen clamp actually make out mecha images before. and even better, it makes it look like a combination type...

Will definitely watch.
Soon.. we will be watching this and the long legs are probably symbolic for the characters journey and development throughout the series.
Since i love all of CLAMP's work. I'd like to give this a try, but with subs. ^^
Here it is!: Huge Similarities with GSD

Shinn Asuka!!!!

Chairman Gilbert Dullindal!!!

Kira or Athrun?

Lunamaria Hawke?

Lots of action in this episode and the ED and OP both looked really nice. I'm waiting for the sub to come out.
*Note: I didn't watch the raw. These are screenshots I took from another site.
Hmm... judging from the images... XD...

I might want to cosplay that wannabe-chairman. but too bad... i already have aset of akito/agito from air gear...

but they do look nice as cosplay.
This show looks awfly similar to X/1999 the fact that two people who want to change the world. They also happen to be on the extreme ends of the spectrum on how to accomplish the same goal. The only exception is the robots and the world isn't coming to an end. . . . yet?!
So is there any news whose gonna fansub this series. I watched the raw on youtube and it was great!!
QUOTE (fffjjj @ Oct 08 2006, 02:52 PM) So is there any news whose gonna fansub this series. I watched the raw on youtube and it was great!!
gg are questioning about subbing this series. Regardless, I hope someone picks it up. Same with Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~ Both of the series are very good from what I watched on Youtube.
Might as well watch the raws while waiting for the subs. Anyways, episode 2 aired today in Japan:
If this is "Lacus" that is hot!

OMFG Stargazer!!!!

Looks like they took away the cheap laser guns and brought out the big ones even though I personally prefer the laser ones lol

Reminds me of someone

QUOTE (MKK2004 @ Oct 14 2006, 05:44 PM) currently...waiting for subs....raw episode 2 is out....

you know, I can relate these with Gundam Seed characters, from left to right; Cagalli, Kira, Lacus, Athrun....

In terms of drawings, yes. In terms of acting, I would say Lunamaria, Kira, Rey (?), Dullindal.

For the bottom pic, I say the girl on the pic is Lacus
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