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I'm a bit curious. May i know the type of download engines chuukurai downloader n the Schedulers are? All i know, they need Java platform
(which is very obvious)

I've never encounter other sites that use these kinds of download engines n would like to learn more about them as they are very convenient, especially to those with limited speed and capacity. Not to mention nearly hassle free too..

Thank you.
It's most likely that you haven't seen it because it was made by our very own daft-sama. It's my favorite download method as you can queue up as many as you want and go to bed. It is Java based. Other than that, I can't say any more since I didn't make it.
It's a Java-based HTTP download manager (with download restarting support) that either downloads from a DDL link (chuukurai) or uses a specialized feed for automatic subscriptions (scheduler). For the reason mentioned by truth2belief, it's unlikely that you'll see it anywhere else.
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