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So I don't know why all of a sudden, but maybe a month or two ago I started getting a large amount of spam comments on my blog which I haven't touched at all since December 2009. It's become a nuisance because I keep getting emails multiple times a day about these spam comments being posted. I can't even get to my blog most of the time to check it. Most of the time it can't load the page and Chrome just gives me the message,

"The blog.fansub.tv page isn’t working

blog.fansub.tv redirected you too many times."

When I try to login to either trash it or just do anything it either redirects me to that same message or just continuously brings me back to that login screen. I'd like to either shut off comments entirely or even just delete the blog permanently, but since I can't login to do anything like that I'm stuck just getting spam emails constantly.



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The Blogs have now been fixed, you can login and use them again, see here. With regard to the spam comments, you can disable commenting or close comments on old posts to prevent new ones. You can also disable the email alerts. All of these are in the settings either under discussion or on main site or profile for the alerts.

I have also updated all the blog software, and installed Akismet to tackle both new and existing spam. You will need to get an API key from Akismet, which is free for personal use (it tells you how when you activate the plugin).

The best way to deal with the spam is to click 'check for spam' from the comments page, note that this only works on 'pending' or 'unapproved' comments - if you have a large volume of spam comments that are approved (I think it auto approves after a time) please let me know and I can go into the DB and mass unapprove all non-user comments and that should allow Akismet to process them. Or I can mass set them as spam or mass delete comments as well if you need it.

If using Akismet, note that it can only process approx 10,000 comments at a time, so if you have a lot (JZine had 700,000+) you will either need to run it multiple times or ask for it to mass cleared in the db.

Sorry this took so long to get fixed.
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