Games Section Rules

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.:Games Section Rules:.

Remember that all General Rules also apply in this section.

* Game Section
The purpose of this section is to discuss all kinds of games (except: hentai games). This means you can discuss online games, flash games, pc games, playstation games, xbox, et cetera. You also may discuss game console here.

* Game Guide
If you need walkthrough or guide on the game try Gamefaqs. If there is no guide available on gamefaqs, or the guide does not help you, feel free to ask your questions here.

* Game Information
If you need general info on game, such as release date or system requirement, try Gamespot. The purpose of this section is for game discussion, not to do your research.

* Game Request
Please don't request ROMs/ISOs or warez here. FTV doesn't deal with illegal stuff. Also, don't ever try to request hentai game.

* Search Feature
Please use the search feature before making any specific game thread.

* Off Topic/Chatting
Please post anything here that is related to the topic. Any off topic posts will be deleted.

* Clan or Guild Recruitment
You are not allowed to open a new thread to recruit members for your clan or guild. If you wish to announce about your clan or guild, you may put that link on your signature or you may announce it on the the existing game thread. (For example: you want to recruit members for guild in Maple Story. You may create new post (not new thread), in the Maple Story thread and asking about recruiting members). The same rules also apply for those who search clan or guild.

If you have any ideas or questions about the rules, feel free to PM me, or other mods.
Not open for further replies.
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