How-To: Change the System Locale and setup the Language Bar for Japanese Games in Windows 10

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This is a guide on how to setup the Language Bar and change the System Locale to Japanese for playing Visual Novels and other Japanese games that are originally designed to run on a Japanese Windows system.

Note that this guide is for Windows 10. For Windows 7 or 8, see the other guide HERE.

1. Click or tap the windows logo or the press the keyboard button to open the start menu, and choose 'settings'.


2. Next click or tap 'Time & Language'.


3. Click or tap the second option 'Region & Language', then under 'Languages' click or tap 'Add a language'.

IMPORTANT - DO NOT change the country or region ! Leave this to your local choice.


4. On the 'Add a language' screen, scroll or swipe to the right and choose 'Japanese'.


5. You should be back at the 'Region & Language' screen, and it should look something like this:

IMPORTANT - DO NOT set or change the default. Leave that as your normal local language.


6. Scroll or swipe down to 'Related Settings' and click or tap 'Additional date, time & regional settings'.


7. The older style 'Control Panel' window will appear, click or tap 'Region'.


8. On the top, click or tap the 'Administrative' tab.


9. On the lower half of the window, click or tap 'Change system locale...'


10. On the window which appears, scroll or swipe down to 'Japanese (Japan)', and choose OK.
Note: Windows will now want to restart your computer, you can do this now or later if you choose.


You will now be able to run and install Japanese software.
The language bar should now appear on the lower right of the task bar, near the clock.
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