How-To: Lucent Heart Japan in English

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It would appear AGE has closed all of its PC games on July 28th 2017, therefore LH Japan has now gone :(

You can stil play on the US LH / International one operated by Suba Games here


This is a guide on how to play Lucent Heart on the AGE (Gamania) Japanese servers. Last Updated for Windows 10 and Gamania's name change to AGE corp August 2016.
Lucent Heart will play on any version of Windows from Windows XP or later (that includes 8, 8.1 and 10).

Originally adapted from posts and discussions from the now closed Official Beanfun Lucent Heart Forums such as this thread by Faedt here, and various other bits of information from other members.

Some Useful Info:
Thanks to Faedt for these:
  • Kanji: http://www.saiga-jp....dictionary.html
  • Hiragana:
  • Your user manual for everything. Some NPCs are not in the same places as the US game. The items in the NPC shops are not necessarily the same either. Quest guides, npc names, locations, etc., and for copy pasting communicatory purposes:
  • There's two classes there that aren't here, the ____ and ____ both of which I forgot the the names for. Basically, one lets you switch forms from a warrior/magician/healer/mount on the fly but from what I can tell, its damage doesn't seem very good. The other class (the 2 handed one) however seems to have amazing damage (and AOEs if you go that route).
Thanks to Windy for these:
JapaneseEnglish-basic phrases for the most (link from another jp game):
A Japanese web keyboard, unfortunately you do still need to use the language bar as you can no longer copy/paste CAPCHA.:

1-2. Create an AGE (previously GASH) account or link your Google/yahoo etc account to an AGE login. See our How-To guide here.

3. Download the Lucent Heart Installer. Note the client is a 3.8GB file, it will take a long time to download it.

Official download file link [August 2016] <- If this date is more than 3 months ago, use the the official downloads page instead.


The file link above will take you to the file, but if its changed since this post you can view the download page above, and just click the big blue button.

4. Install the game by running the file you downloaded. You will likely need 'admin' privilege in Windows 7 or later, so you will get a prompt appear asking this, press 'yes'.
Continue with the install and press 'next' each time, it is the highlighted button on the bottom.
If you already have the US or another version of the the game, it is a good idea to change the install location, such as adding a '_JP' to the folder name.

Note: Installing the game is not the final step, when you first try to start it, it will need to update its files with the Patch Tool. This will take a long time as well.

5. The game requires you to login to your AGE account before running it. This relies on an ActiveX control for Internet Explorer. This will not work in any other browser.
Using Internet Explorer, go to the Lucent Heart website at:

IF you are using Windows 10, you must use Internet Explorer, NOT Microsoft Edge! Edge is the default browser in Windows 10, if you open the page in Edge you can click the 3 dots on the top right and choose 'open in Internet Explorer'. Now follow the Internet Explorer 11 instructions below.

If you are using Internet Explorer 11 (Latest Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1) then you need to add the site to compatibility view.
Click the gear wheel on the far right, and choose 'Compatibility View Settings' from the menu.


Now type '' into the box and press 'add'. It should now look like this: (Note, previously the website was '', you may still have this in the list, but you now need the new one).


The page should now reload, now press 'Game Start'.
If you get any prompts or popups for an 'activex control', choose 'yes' or 'allow', this is the game starter you will need after logging in.


6. You will then be asked to login. If you have an AGE account (previously called GASH) press the large AGE button, as shown below. If you used Yahoo or google previously, you can use that instead.


7. The login page has a Hiragana Captcha just like during registration.


This works like a normal Captcha, you have to type in the characters - you cant copy/paste them in, which makes it harder when its in Japanese.
You will need the 'Language Bar' for this part, (unless you have a full on Japanese Keyboard). See this How-To Guide to set-up the language bar.

7a. Set your Language Bar to 'JP' Japanese and the first option to 'H' to put the input method to Hiragana, as per the image below:


7b. Using the chart below, type the characters you see in the captcha.

To make each letter on a western QWERTY keyboard, you type the letter on the left then the one on the top.
For example 'ka' will give you か The letter ん is made by pressing 'n' twice.


7c. Press the orange button to the lower right of the box when you have it done to submit the form. If you get a popup box right away, it means you got the captcha wrong.

8. If you logged in ok, then it will take you back to the main page again.
Press 'Game Start' again like you did before.


9. This time it will try to install and run the ActiveX applet. This only works in Internet Explorer. If your in the wrong browser, you'll need to log in with IE.
When the applet runs, it will start the 'Patch Tool' and it will then download another large amount of files. This will take a while (maybe an hour on a 8mbit line).

10. The game will start. Note it will start in Japanese - do not panic, just press the X to close the game at the server screen and follow the patch guide below.

Choosing The Right Game Server
Here is a screenshot of the server choice screen, this is the latest list as of June 2015. The first server, first channel highlighted.

In 2015 all the servers except for Spica were merged into a new Altair server. All characters were moved / kept but may have to be renamed.
If your character has a ! before its name, it means it is waiting for you to set a new name for it, most likely this is because either someone else took the name already, OR one of your alts on the other servers took priority. If its your alt that has taken your name, you will see it on the character list with its name as normal. If you want to swap the names over, so your main gets the name, then you can either delete the alt and wait 3 days or send in a support ticket to AGE (in Japanese - I used Google translate) asking them to rename your ALT character to something else, once that is done, you can then click your main and just keep the name.
* Note: Before Jan 2013 most of the Ex-US server people used the server called Spica, after this time most then moved over to the first server instead. Now people are mixed all over, so check with your friends where they are
- Many people have characters on both servers.

  • Click the Server, then the channel.
  • Click the right hand button to enter. (The left button is exit).

    11. Changing the Lucent Heart Japan client to have English text for the user interface and Quests.
    This uses the English language pack from the now closed Official US edition of Lucent Heart which was operated by Gamania and BeanFun.



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11. Changing the Lucent Heart Japan client to have English text for the user interface and Quests.
This uses the English language pack from the Official US edition of Lucent Heart which was operated by Gamania/BeanFun and now Suba Games.

WARNING: Technically this is breaking the Terms of Service for the game, and as such they have the right to ban your account. Use at your own risk.

NOTE: Make sure you start the game once BEFORE you do this patching, as the updates will overwrite your files and it wont work. So run the game first, let it do updates, then do this!

If you have been playing Lucent Heart on the US (or other regional) servers and still have the client installed, you can copy across the language pack text.

1 First you need to find the install data folder for your Japanese version of the game, if you followed this guide it will be something like:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Gamania_JP\LucentHeart\LucentHeart\data\

In this folder you should see these 2 files:

Rename them to something else like and DO NOT delete them!

​12-A - If you still have your US Lucent Heart (Suba is better, newer or you can use the old Beanfun) Installed you can copy the files from there (See 12B below if you don't have it):
Go to your install data folder for the US version of the game, it should be something like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SubaGames\Lucent Heart\data\

In this folder you should see these 2 files:

Copy these 2 files to the Japanese version's data folder, again something like : C:\Program Files (x86)\Gamania_JP\LucentHeart\LucentHeart\data\
Rename the files replacing the _EN with _JP as follows: to to

Note: Do NOT do this with the other files that look similar, if you do you will find yourself off the map as the US edition had a smaller map, and the Japanese edition has a different starting location!

12-B - If you don't have the original US Game installed, you can download the files:
Download our copy of the files from here.

Save them into your game's install folder, something like : C:\Program Files (x86)\Gamania_JP\LucentHeart\LucentHeart\data\

The files have already been renamed to the correct name for the Japanese version.

13. Next time you start the game, the user interface and the Quests will be in English.

Note: There will be some text which will not display correctly, and some will show up as ????????. There is one quest at the start which shows as 'Null' Just accept it and press finish, you don't have to actually do anything in that quest, its just information. There maybe other quests with missing text, if so simply swap the 2 files back to the original Japanese ones and try to guess it.

Note: Whenever the game updates to a new version, it will often overwrite the language files and the game maybe half English, half Japanese or fully Japanese again, do not panic, just exit the game and patch it again.

Note: Whenever Suba update their version, you may want to get the latest language files as there will be more of the game translated with each update, and it fixes bugs.

Event Notes!!
Sometimes during promotions or events, they might set the game to update its quests on startup, what this means is that when the game starts it will download the language files again and switch back to Japanese the next time you play, during these times you can either play in Japanese mode, or patch it every time you play. These event periods usually only last around a week, and this only seems to be once or 2 times a year at most.
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