How-To: Web Koihime Musou Japan in English

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It would appear AGE has closed all of its PC games on July 28th 2017, therefore Koihime Musou has now gone :(

This is a guide on how to play Web Koihime Musou on the Gamania Japanese servers.

Originally adapted from posts and discussions on the Official Lucent Heart US Forums such as this thread by Faedt here, and various other bits of information from other members.

Some Useful Info:
Thanks to Faedt for these:
Thanks to Windy for these:
If you know a little Japanese , it would definitely increase your chance of being welcomed. just as knowing a little English would have helped you be welcomed on the US server. There have been other games where people have chosen to play on the JP servers, for those that are playing, here are some link that can help you:
This guide is a rewritten walk through based on the original notes and picture guide for Lucent Heart by Faedt (here). It has been changed a bit from the original and expanded based on my own experience with the game, some parts have also been split off into other sections.

1. Make sure you have the Language bar installed and that your computer's System Locale is set to Japanese. See our How-To guide here.

2. Create a GASH account or link your Facebook/yahoo etc account to a GASH login. See our How-To guide here.

3. Install Google Chrome browser

4. Using Google Chrome browser go to the game site:

5. Press the Orange 'Game Start' button.


6. You will then be asked to login. Press the large 'GASH' button as show here:


7. The login page has a Hiragana Captcha just like during registration.


This works like a normal Captcha, you have to type in the characters - you cant copy/paste them in, which makes it harder when its in Japanese.
You will need the 'Language Bar' for this part, (unless you have a full on Japanese Keyboard). See this How-To Guide to set-up the language bar.

7a. Set your Language Bar to 'JP' Japanese and the first option to 'H' to put the input method to Hiragana, as per the image below:


7b. Using the chart below, type the characters you see in the captcha.

To make each letter on a western QWERTY keyboard, you type the letter on the left then the one on the top.
For example 'ka' will give you か The letter ん is made by pressing 'n' twice.


7c. Press the orange button to the lower right of the box when you have it done to submit the form. If you get a popup box right away, it means you got the captcha wrong.

8. If you logged in ok, then it will take you back to the main page again.
Press 'Game Start' again like you did before.

9. Choose a server on the top row as these are the new servers with the updated season on it. This also means you wont get wiped out by a player whos been on it for years with a huge army!
<server choice image needed>

10. You will then need to choose which area and Kingdom you want.
<Kingdom choice image needed>

11. You will get a bare base ready to build and be put into the tutorial, this is just like the US based one. If using Chrome, it will translate the text, however sometimes it will break and you will need to reload the page or even restart the browser.
<base image needed>

See our copy of the original US getting started guide this is based on season 4, the Japanese game is on season 5 and so will look different but the general idea is the same.


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Yeah I had a few games from that site to, and yes they ended the service to all of their PC games though. Although I do know there is kind of a half battle half VN game on something similar to the DMM site of sorts. The only downside is that it's an R-18 version though so I haven't paid much attention to it as of late.
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