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- Lord of Chaos
So! Minecraft! Who here plays it?

I highly doubt that many people here don't know what Minecraft is, but:
Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens.
Website: www.minecraft.net

It's a game which uses Java (in other words, it's multi-platform and will work on most any OS you use. Including some phones in the near future) and is very...blocky... The stuff you can do in it is only limited by your imagination though. Youtube it and you can see what some people have gotten up to, ranging from a 1:1 scale USS Enterprise (from Star Trek) to a fully functioning computer built entirely in the game. It's lots of fun and rather addictive if you're into that kind of thing.

The game is still technically in beta, but you can prepurchase now to use it in multiplayer. Alternatively, you can play the solo version for free, but the solo version really isn't the same thing (Mining/crafting isn't involved and there are no monsters. You're given an infinite amount of most of the blocks to play with and build stuff but the adventure is removed from the game).

Anyway, I think it'd be cool if there are several people here who play to maybe start our own server! We could get a teamspeak or something going on it too so we can all talk while we play. Just an idea.
If you have purchased the game, there is a downloaded version that has all the features(crafting, mining, and monsters). Most of the videos on youtube are from this version, not the free browser one. There are also texture and mod packs that change the look and game play by adding more monsters. Mo's mod is one of the favorites for adding monsters.(it's the only one I know of actually) The only problem with the mods are when there is an update for the game they get overwritten, and you lose everything you have gained that are from the mod.

I do not actually own minecraft, I just use my cousins. I have never played on a multiplayer server, I just go around and blow everything up with tnt, and building huge towers. I'm not creative enough to do some of the things people have done.

Unfortunately when I lost my hdd I lost one of my favorite worlds, I had just a normal house/base that wasn't too big. I then went down 10 blocks at a angle from a corner and created a huge 100x100x4 expansion chamber lined with bricks. I used lava streams for lighting with glass around them so i didn't light myself on fire. I had 5 of these all the way down to the bedrock bottom. It was pretty badass, if I do say so myself.

If you are lazy like me you can actually use cheat engine to hack the game and give yourself unlimited numbers of blocks in which you already have. So unlimited diamond or gold or iron or my favorite TNT. XD
I play quite a bit, certainly enjoy the whole lego aspect. Most of my work was on the DS server prior to its wipe, my two biggest accomplishments being a 60x60x30 underground city with about 20 buildings in it and an extremely large castle, outer wall being something like 100x200 and going vertical 60 blocks at the highest points. Only problem now is I got used to having dozens of large chests full of mats and really don't feel like mining for 50+ in game hours again to build.
Kinda decided to have this thread resurrected, due to the fact I finally purchased the game instead of using a "yarr harr" version, especially since the game is great. So I was thinking that it would be great to play around with a good community or something along those lines, and maybe a tad bit more anime themed, though anything is good anyway imho. So I totally support dchaos~sans idea about our own server, especially considering it could be something that separates us from the other anime-related website and communities. Pretty sure even animesuki doesn't have one.

As for people like wedora-san, the server could have designated builders,from those with more experience for example, and spawn materials for those people, or just give them op rights.

Of course the question if there would actually be enough people to start out at least, and whether this will be affordable enough.

Also would be glad if anyone posted any good minecraft construction videos, since I'm currently looking for some inspiration and references for some stuff I wanna build. Or just anything awesome you find like:



Havnt played this for months especially since it came out of beta, if you do get a server up and running let me know and ill happily play with you all
I am recently started hosting a server, it can handle up to around 20 people right now (well, technically more, but i'm limiting the amount) and after some more testing with a few of my friends, i'll pretty much open it up for FTV members. I was thinking of doing something interesting, but i'll have to contact daft about that. But first I'd like to get confirmation from those of you who might be interested in it. Its not vanilla minecraft. Its modded and pretty heavily, I'll include some more information about that a bit later as well.

So basically If any of you would like to play, write here or message me. Depending on that I'll do more
I'd be up for it. The only reason I stopped playing was I didn't have a stable server to participate on. I'm a pretty obsessive builder, but do enjoy the whole gathering stage and rarity introduced by survival mode, though creative has its perks too.
Well, the mods will be kinda helping out a bit in storage and gathering here, also make it more interesting, but like I said if needed op rights can be given or creative can be activated for certain people. So that aint a problem. Plus quarry's are also nice for mass basic material gathering
I'm curious in knowing more. I'm playing with some friends on a Direwolf20 FTB server right now, but I wouldn't mind getting to play with/meet more people. (right now I might as well be playing SSP)

What mods are you using?
Well, we originally used direwolf20 from ftb, but then we switched over to ftb ultimate

The server is France based. So EU will have a better time connecting. Well it'd be nice to see if US can connect and have a good connection as well
Looking at the mod list, it looks sort of like the main differences are that ultimate uses a different minimap? Any other substantial differences? I've spent most of my play in a rather... exclusionist mod and am just sort of getting to know the forge mods for the first time since playing MC.

I'd be interested in at least giving it a shot.
Well, aside from the minimap differences it actually changes quite a bit.
It rebelanceds some industrialcraft recipes (most of em) to make them more balanced and a bit harder (well at least you don't have endgame content after the first day) Also it ads a few other machine related mods, flattens the bedrock layer and a few other stuff. I personally find it to also work more stable on a server than direwolf20
comparison: http://ftbwiki.org/Feed_The_Beast_Modpacks
QUOTE (Nioki @ Apr 08 2013, 10:39 AM) ...flattens the bedrock layer...
QUOTE (Norren @ Apr 09 2013, 01:22 AM) Sold.
Well, I'll be taking you two up on your words pretty soon then, but I do hope some more people sign up.

It doesn't matter how much you have played, if you enjoy lots of interaction with other people in games or not - this is basically an FTV server, so hopefully everyone will be nice to everyone else.
So write if you are interested. Well, obviously owning minecraft is a must. Even though Notch has made piles of money, lets still be nice and buy it
QUOTE (daft27 @ Apr 10 2013, 03:29 AM) i've got minecraft too. i wouldn't mind building myself a hut to call home.

Yay) Will be glad to have you there
Okay, I'm trying to spawn a good world to start in, and also planning to make an blog, where I'll be posting stuff related to the server here on FTV, instead of my old blog, which, I sadly didn't get streamlined as I hoped for.

Also, It would be nice if you guys would message me the time frames when you are available, since I would like us to start out on the world all at the same time.

Also, we can use Raidcall for chatting, if noone has a better alternative.
I have a group set up there anyway.

So for the start run, we have.
  • One of my friends
  • Another of my friends
  • And another of my friends
  • Me
  • daft27
  • Norren
  • wedora
I also messaged Hiasubi, Dchaosblade and doomsayer. Also if anyone still wants to join - tell me
I'm going to be spotty at best for the next half week or so... purchasing some computer upgrades and replacement parts since something seems to have burned on mine. I would say it's just RAM, but I lost two sticks of ram and an HD at the same time a while back, and it's been getting gradually more and more unstable since. I can't keep minecraft running for any length of time right now without frequent reboots, FTB or vMC.

Other than that, for starting at the same time, I don't mind cutting out time for it as a special event. Monday and Wednesday are already scheduled, but I think otherwise I can block out time. US evenings are easiest for me, but if I know a little while in advance I can chop an afternoon out. I might have to cut and run if an emergency comes up, regardless of when it is.

As far as spawns go, I think it'd be cool if we could secure a village reasonably close to starting loc. My general MO is I like to take over a village so villager trades and crops are available. And I may or may not have a good villager breeder design that generates 22~24 villagers, nightly zombie sieges, and iron golems. *whistles innocently*
Right, I just for Minecraft installed again. But I've only ever played Vanilla so someone is going to have to walk me through Mods and such so I can get all set up and get used to it.
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