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- deska`
An updated list of scores for this thread can be found here courtesy of the all-powerful DChaosBlade beneficent Monsta666.

Alright, I thought a riddle thread would be fun, I since I didn't bring up any hits with the "search feature" the mods seem so keen on throwing around, I thought I'd go for it!


1. 1 riddle at a time. No new riddles until the current one is answered!

2. If you've heard a certain riddle before, no answering! (total honor system here!)

3. If pretty much EVERYONE in the thread already knows the answer, then there's no point in keeping a riddle going because of some technicality.

4. If you get a riddle right, you can either post your own, or pass your riddle rights (henceforth known as riddlights) onto anyone else who so desires. If you don't post a new riddle or say that you're not going to post one within a day or two 2 hours 4 hours12 hours, it's fair game! No point in forcing people to come up with lame riddles now, eh?

5. Aboslutely, positively NO LAME RIDDLES! Lame riddles are, by definition, lame, and therefore have no place here! It's got to have a legitimate answer. Due to the subjective nature of this rule though, any riddle is allowed that hasn't been posted already.

6. Should some lame, unforseen circumstance come up, don't be afraid to bend the rules just a little bit! It's a riddle game for crying out loud!

7. Feel free to ask for clarification on a riddle. The riddler is free to clarify however he/she sees best fit to maintain the interests of the riddle.

8. Oh yeah, let's keep all riddles within QUOTE boxes, ok? That makes them easy to find!

9. Oh yeah, the person who asked the riddle is obligated to keep up on the current answers going around. No leaving people in the dark, eh? If you happen to ask a perfect, unsolvable riddle, you can always answer yourself, if you feel things are getting out of hand. Since it seems there's been some trouble with this lately, the current riddlemaster needs to confirm any guesses within 24 hours. You can still confirm after that, but if someone decides to start a new riddle after that, your riddle dies.

10. Live your life to the fullest! This is absolutely essential!

11. You can only guess the answer once until the Riddler has made a confirmation of the guesses. After that, you can make another guess. If you happen to make more than 1 guess between confirmations, only your first guess will be used. (so if you realize the right answer after already making a guess, wait until after the next confirmation to post it, or someone else can just steal your answer, and become the next Riddle-Master!) In addition to that, any additional guesses may or may not be deleted with or without notification. (not that I have any say in it)

12. It looks like we're keeping score now. A "Score-Master" shall keep track of how many times someone correctly answers a riddle. Whoever has answered the most riddles by the end of the year (or another time period, should it so be desired) shall receive the title of Riddle Master. The current Score Master is DChaosBlade monsta666.

13. If you guess a riddle right, but let someone else give the next riddle, you cannot answer their riddle. If you do post an answer, it will not be counted, and anyone is free to steal it. This is to prevent any abuse of the scoring system, should things ever get intense.

Alright! Now that that's out of the way, here's my riddle, thus starting things off!

QUOTE (EggBeast's Riddle)What can be seen by the naked eye, has no weight, and if you put it into a barrel, it makes it lighter?

Guess away, FTV, guess away!

EDIT #1: By virtue of rule 6, the time period of a Riddle Master's Riddle-Rights is reduced to 2 hours.
EDIT #2: By virtue of rule 6, the time period of a Riddle Master's Riddle-Rights is doubled to 4 hours. lol...
EDIT #3: By virtue of rule 6, the time period of a Riddle Master's Riddle-Rights is tripled to 12 hours. Also added rule #11
EDIT #4: Fixed a grammatical error in rule #11.

EDIT #5: Created rule #13, which is in effect as of January 31st, 2008. But wow, look at all these edits...

EDIT #6: Changed the score-keeper to monsta666, props to him!
EDIT #7: Edited rule #9 to make the rules even more stringent!
You're right! DANG IT!

No one ever gets that one! Are you sure you haven't heard it before?

Dang, you're good.

It's your show now, VeloxNex.

Two things are never together, one always falls, but never breaks, the other always breaks, but never falls.

What are these two things
hmmm, a cat and a heart? No... cat's have been known to claw hearts out...

OH!!! Night and day!!! That's it! Isn't it!
Dang... that hole riddle was my trump card! Oh well, here goes!

QUOTE (EggBeast's Riddle)This thing all things devours:
Birds, trees, beasts, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats high mountain down.
Unoriginal, I know, but have at it!
The earth's climate.
Oh ho, some good guesses, but the winner goes to...


Time is the correct answer!

Have at it, Daggerman!
Ok then, Daggerman has officially passed the baton by technicality! If anyone of you guys has a good riddle, now is the time to post it!
Alright, I'll throw one out there:
QUOTE I fly in the air, But I am not always there. I cannot be touched, But I can be felt or held. Think very hard, But if you live near the equator, You may have a tough time seeing me. What am I?

Good luck~
It's neither the sun nor the moon; though I suppose I can see your reasoning with them. Keep trying
your breath
QUOTE (mamori @ Jan 22 2008, 01:03 PM) your breath
That's it! It must be it!!! It works too well!!! DANG!!!
Sorry for the little late reply, just got back from classes. Mamori is correct, it is your breath. Your turn~
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