Shiritori All Stars

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Since it seemed people enjoyed the last one here is a new one! this time the count limit will be 101 pages (unless anyone says otherwise), below are the rules, they are a bit weird but its all in the spirit of making it easy and fun, so please enjoy it and feel free make it hard for the next poster if you so desire!


1 Use Romaji. Other languages are accepted when the original name or phrase is in foreign, ie; Death Note, "The World, Jikan ga tomare!" (Dio), Stella ()

2 Only names, objects, places, songs or otherwise phrases related to, iconic, or otherwise featured in anime/manga/LN/live action culture, examples; Shima Pan (object), Melon Pan (object/food), Heavy Object (LN name), Jotaro Kujo (Character name), Comiket (place) etc. Actor names, director names, band names (ie:l'arc en ciel, Ari Project) or even scanlating teams are accepted xD

3 You may start with the last syllabe of the last word as is written, or you can use a syllabe that is almost phonetically identical to the last syllabe of the last word but is spelled differently (for example shi>shii, phon>fon), and if you desire you may also start with the last word of the name or sentence, just try to stick to syllabes as much as possible in order to keep it interesting, like i wrote before, this game is just for fun.

4 If the name or phrase is in english making the last syllabe hard to discern you can use romaji or broken english to make it easier on yourself (ie Quick Start!! = qui-ku star-to)

5 Try not to repeat what has been posted already, if the thread goes beyond 2 pages no one will expect you to read all the thread (laughs), but at least read the shiritori words of the page you are on if you will post, also no using the same word again lol xD (Ie: haruhi endless loop of people saying "Nanana" or "FonFon")

6 Unlike in regular Shiritori, no one looses here, you can end with N or whatever, it will continue until people are tired of it.

7 Not really a rule, but if your reference is a phrase or something obscure try to explain shortly in parenthesis the origin or format. Ie: Quick Start!! (manga), Touma! Onakatsuita! (Index's kime seifu xD, Toaru)

So it begins...

Quick Start!! (manga)

To or start/tart i guess. xP

Funny that we are on ftv and i start with a manga, kind of like how Misaka imouto wanted to name the black cat "dog" x3

I love the ecchi in this manga.

So glad this thread is back up.
Real Account (new manga)

"To" again i guess.

The reply to this one should be really easy.
Pan, huh. I've never watched this one, but a friend mentioned it what seems like a while back:

Panty and Stocking.

its a manga with a drawing style that looks like manhwa, i still havent read it, only a few chapters here and there (meaning ch 1 ch 2** ch 304, no order just to check it), its really good, as soon as i get some free time i'll read it.

btw nya is down again? is it my fault because the last shiritori was until nya was up again ? XD i cursed it, my jinx sorry.

Four old school OVAS that aired: May 27, 1988 to Aug 11, 1989
So we got a ON. Well let's make it this one

Onii-chan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne

Series ran from 5 October 2012 to 21 December 2012 and boy, this was a series which i had trouble to keep on watching.
Nerawareta Gakuen

A movie from 2012 that has a very Makoto Shinkai style feel to its art despite him having nothing to do with it.
Engaged to the Unidentified

A 12-episode 2014 supernatural rom-com anime that aired this January. It was a blast to watch, I didn't expect to enjoy it so much...Benio.
mikakunin no shinkoukei? xD yeah that was good, was it kidwolf who went crazy with the mikakunin sigs?
man those were some good sigs.

Keyman: the hand of judgement, a good manga (still havent read most of it)

feel free to use man or to in order to continue

I'm Surprised, that I even remembered that 1, especially seeing as the anime was a short (3,30min) episodes, aside from the OVA of 10mins).
Mangirl! the japanese name is mangoru.
Let's make it this one:

Rurouni Kenshin

A series during the Meiji era about a hired assassin. It was a nice series.
I miss that one, but the anime of it was so bad.

Shin Megami Tensei

It got an anime at some point, didn't it?
Seiken no Blacksmith, I never finished the anime for this, got halfway (watched up to ep 6). The LN series for this finished last year and I don't think it was ever translated. I thought the anime wasn't that great but I can't really use that to judge the source material.
The World, Jikan ga tomare! (Dio from JJBA Part 3)

ok with the finale of High Priestess today, the 'Tarot card arc' is over in ep.24... so not only S2 of 2wei', also Stardust Crusaders was confirmed for next year
So this time with re. Let's make it this one:


This is sure a long time ago that i saw this series. Maybe i will watch it again.
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