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Okay I wondered about the music videos again and I came across some interesting arranges. Oh and another thing it seems that the 6th M-1 Grand Prix is subbed, but I'm not sure if it's all of it or not though. Well I'll post up the link for that in a little bit, but for now the music first.

【東方ボーカル】 「sound of carnation」 【EastNewSound】:

It maybe a Moku-tan biased song, but I hear Desire Drive from 10D in it though.

【東方ボーカル】 「Cry」 【38BEETS】:

【東方 Touhou Vocal】A-ONE - Lunatic Paradise:

【東方ボーカル】 「Wall of Knowledge」 【SOUND HOLIC】:


Touhou M-1 Grand Prix 6th - Part 1 Opening.Subtitled:
Granted it does lag in the first 49 seconds or so, but that's how the orignal was it seems.

Apparently there are news that ZUN is getting married this year, congrats to the man who made touhou for he finally found the fitting partner for him
besides beer of course xDD
Say does that woman's name if Aya in it in any way?

If so then the joke about Aya-sama being ZUN's boyfriend might get upgraded to his waifu in fantasy and reality.

Oh as for the M-1 Grand Prix most fo it is subbed, but it seems the judging portions aren't at this time though. I mean those are the best parts to complete the entire skit.

Oh as for the article lavi-tan mind posting up the source of that? Also, I wonder how his next game will look like if this is true though.
Lol if Aya-san is real... then that means... SAKUYA AND ALICE ARE REAL TOO ASDKJSALKDJLKASJDk SOMEBODY GAP ME RIGHT NAO :3333333

for the next game hm.... why do I forsee of an inclusion of an actual Male character? xDDDDDD.
Out of boredom I ran into this pool on Danbooru and i have to say I felt a bit gypped as to not having Chi- er I mean Meling as a playable character now. I mean I'm sure she'd mimic Youmu-tan's charaged ability be it a bit more dangerous.

Touhou - It Seems Meiling Is Doing a Ten Desires Walkthrough (Kiku Hitomoji):

Pretty much I have to say that it's nice work for those who like Meling and also both Miyako and Meling get to meet. Pretty much if you ask me those two would get along rather well if they ran into each other, but that's just me.
Ok something has been bugging me for a while and I think I know what it is. Oddly enough it's about Yuuka and how certain two characters seems to of been spawned from her in a sense.

This pic kind of explains as to how Sanae is taking up the sadstic streak against the youkai of Gensokyo, but makes me think that she may have leared from her at one point to understand how to be an S like Yuka though.

Also, this pic kind of explains Kogasa's moe moe with Yuuka a bit as well. I mean Yuuka was and still known as Youkai Moe you know. As for Kogasa she tends to be the New Youkai Moe for most fans. So I think when you put Kogasa and Sanae together you tend to see Yuuka's aspects at work if you will. Although even though most people still belive Sanae as a Good Girl kind of deny the fact that she obtained a sadistic streak after since her first meeting with Kogasa though.
Well anyways it seems that the mixes for 10D is now somewhat picking up as of late. Although I have to say that I really do enjoy the Desire Drive mixes since they tend to be done very well as of late.

Floating Cloud - 胎動:

東方 Touhou Electro House 258:

And because it seems that zombie season is also around the corener... er I mean since the anime this season has two zombies invovled I might as well leave this one here as well. At least she isn't the type that would spread a major zombie infection in Gensokyo.

東方 Touhou Electro House/Dub 259:
(Don't know if I can ask this here)

Does anyone know the game "Touhou Unreal Mahjong" and played it ? If so, is it a good mahjong game ? I'd like to try it since I saw the anime Saki XD (Damn Nodoka for giving me some interest into Mah-jong )
QUOTE (Nemingway @ May 05 2012, 07:11 PM) (Don't know if I can ask this here)

Does anyone know the game "Touhou Unreal Mahjong" and played it ? If so, is it a good mahjong game ? I'd like to try it since I saw the anime Saki XD (Damn Nodoka for giving me some interest into Mah-jong )
here ya go: Haven't played it but there's the link.
And so by hearing this from a friend of mine and checking to confirm it, it would seem that 13.5: Hopeless Masquerade is going to be released. Plus it's a fighter as well, which will make it the official fourth fighter of the series.

So far it's been announced as of the 5th this month. Also, it would seem that it's going to be a massive fight between the Shrine Maidens, Hiriji and her crew, and Miko and her crew. So you guessed it the games is going to be kind of a fath gathering battle this time. Also, they aren't using the weather systems for this fighter, but a completely different system entirely.
Well there just so happens to be another update to 13.5 here. That would be that not only do they have the intro portion done but showed a much more improved fight between Reimu and Marisa.

Although I expect to see Miko and her gang along with Hiriji and her gang, and of course Sanae and friends as well to be invovled in this game.

From the looks of it they improved upon having an animated background like they normally do in the Capcom fighting games it seems here. nothing wrong with that, but it's a step in a different direction. Not only that but it would seem that this game might include some non fightable characters just hanging about in the background it would seem. So that might mean that certain ladies might just show up to watch the major battles, although I hope Werecow Keine does show up along with seeing some sights of the Human Village too in the full release.
Oh a little update on Hopless Masquerade and that's we got a playable character in the demo aside from Reimu and Marisa.

So it seems the first person to make their playable debut just so happens to be Ichirin. Yes the girl that just so happens to be overshadowed by Uzan makes her appearance for once.

So expect a hint of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure stuff with her, since our Lil' Za Warudo Girl might just end up being a background character for some of the places they will take the fights for this game.

Well expect this list to grow once the full game comes out then:

Since we now have someone from Hiriji's Crew it looks like we will most likely get the rest of them along with members of Miko's Crew. Although I'd be shocked if Kasen makes her official game debut with this one.

Still if you ask me, the game won't be complete if someone the Moriya Shrine and Co. doesn't make at least one appearance on the roster here, especially Sanae of course. I mean she did rightfully take the place of being considered the Player 2 Miko here.

In any case if any more news comes out for this I'll keep you guys informed of it. Although if anyone else finds out about this before me then by all means let me know.
Well after finding and messing around with the trial version of Hopeless Masquerade I have to say that as far as I can tell. Reimu is interesting to use if you know how the system works, Marisa seems like a beam spamer, and Ichirin fells like a good brawler out of all of this.

Granted it's only the trail and I don't know Moon Runes so it's kind of hard to setup a special attack playlist here. Although I have to say that playing 7.5 might help a bit since it has that nastalgic feel with the controls, but slighty different of course. the only problem I can have with this is that airal combat format is kind of hard at frist but you tend to get used to it after a while of course.

Oh and on a side not to those fans that happen to be state side it appears that ZUN himself is going to make an appearance in the States later on this year. News about this can be not onyl found on the touhou Wiki, but also a link to the Con itself he will be attending as well:
Oh yeah I came across this pool and decided to share it. I mean it invovled the only actual official male character that still resides in Gensokyo and somehow managed to troll them at times... especially Aya-sama.

Touhou - Rinnosuke Manga (Hidefu Kitayan):

Pretty much expect some of the cute girls to become chibis, and the term Trollsuke to pop up every now and again in the comment section also.

Oh and I almost forgot the Trollsuke Pool as well here, enjoy.

Touhou - Trollsuke:
Well time for some 13.5 roster specualtion from me now. It feels kind of obvious that Sanae would be in it though since we need anothe rmiko invovled in this. Although here's my specualtion as to who might be added:

Youmu: Reason for her would be she was in Ten Desires so she might show up again because Yuyuko asked her to "help out" with this issue they are having. Although it would be interesting to see her airial game since she seems the be more useful on the ground then anything else.

Keine-sensei: Since this invovled the Human Village to a degree it feels nessessary she would show up. Although, I'm not sure if she will have her werecow form invovled in this, but it would be fun to see.

Aya: All becuase of a string reasoning for her to be invovled which goes something like this. Use of a Popularity Gauge -> Shows how popular you are in Gensokyo -> Popularity Gain -> More Newspaper Subscritions -> More Readers -> Reason for aya to fight

Kasen: Since people wanted her to be involved in Ten Desires since it felt like the kind of storyline she should of been in.

Meiling: Although doubtful, she needs to be added since she needs the popularity here.

Mokou: Still rather doubtful on this one too, but they might of found a way to scale her for this fight if possible now.

Anyone from Eientei: Becuase they need the promotions, but I doubt Kaguya would directly be invovled though.

Yukari: Becuase she needs to troll people.

Yuuka: Becuase she's Youkai Moe

So far I'm not making any specualtions on Hijiri's Crew or Miko's Crew since Ichirin showed up in the demo, and you'd expect at least a few members from these factions to at least show up with this game. Especially with what the intro had for this time around. I mean from the looks of the scroll intro it doesn't seem to be much of a far fetched idea that Kaguya might be invovled, and the hopes of Shou-chan to be added as well. Although we'll have to wait until they come out with the actual release date for it though, so until then enjoy the demo and specualtions of who will be involved.
According to the Touhou wiki it seems that Hopeless Masquerade is going to be released by late May as of now. so that means we have less then a month to go here:

Pretty much by late next moth we will finally get to see who will be filling in the playable characters for this game now.
Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention this, but the second trial version finally added the Human Village as a stage. So with that being said pretty much the members of Eientei along with Keine-sensei and Mokou-tan have been shown as background characters as of now. Also, to add to the list would be both onis Yuugi and Sukia as well that became background characters.

Oh and as a bonus Rinouske is now officialy added into a game, even if he is in the backgound here.

Although I get this feeling that I better wait for a translation of this game, since it seems that my laptop isn't strong enough for it as of late.
Hey guys remeber the running gag of Sakuya no longer being a player character in the shooters. Well... that time is now over since Touhou 14: Kishinjou ~ Double Dealing Character has been announced, and yes Sakuya is in it.

Well from the looks of it Good Girl Sanae is not in the demo, but I get a feeling that may change when the full game is released though.

Also, from the screenshots on ZUN's blog it would seem it's going to revert back to a MoF play style since the bomb system is non-existant again.
Apparently a week or so beofre the game's release we have a leak of having Hijiri to be playable in the fighting game as of now. So expect Miko herself to be involved as well since it's only fair that the Taoist leader is added to the roster here.

Although I would be a bit surprised if Sanae & Co. aren't even involved with this mess this time around. Although since this is kind of a fath gathering showdown they should be involved somehow, even if it is the Human Village.
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