what are you doing?

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-chibi kami sama
since there is no topic on this so i made one.
right now im sitting down in front of the computer being bored and typing this post.
homecoming weekend!!!
volunteering and then nail appointment!

watching the cardinals.......... CARDINALS--WORLD SERIES CHAMPS 2005 lol
just an idea, not trying to go off topic but who is going to be hit by the hurricane in US?

I will only the some of the rain...
I am reading this some what useless thread, and waiting untill my bread is done.
I am currently NOT eating bread

May I have some of this homemade bread??
QUOTE (onimike @ Sep 24 2005, 05:01 PM) me too.
really? you as well? i plan on pulling an all-nighter with this p2p client thing today...
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